About the Initiative

Researchers often have access to data that carry important information. Yet, often the data cannot be made public for various reasons. This initiative is aimed at "liberating" important regional data by making publicly available interactive dashboards of the raw data.

"Data Liberation Through Visualization" is an initiative lead by the Asia Analytics Lab (AAL) at the Indian School of Business.
AAL is a focal point for data analytics initiatives,education, research and business applications in the context of India and the region. It bridges academia and industry through various collaborations.

ISB Faculty

Prof. Galit Shmueli
 Prof. Mudit Kapoor  Prof. Shamika Ravi  Prof. Tarun Jain Prof. Deepa Mani

ISB Staff

 Reema Gupta  Lalita Reddi  Ramdurga Sekhar  Swati Domalpalli

ISB Alums and Students

Collaborators and Partners

Anand S.
Naveen Gattu
Ganes Kesari

  TIBCO University Relations Program




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